Nice easy walk with beautiful waterfalls. Ran Gil, Israel

Good walk, easy track and lots of good photo-stops along the rivers. Great information during the transport to Whirinaki . We will come back for some more tramping in this amazing "dinosaur - old forest". Thanks! Bart Peters and Jose Vis, Wellington

A very nice tramp through real bush with such lovely flora and fauna. I was lucky to meet some locals and enjoyed their company. I would go back any time. Holger Bindel, U.K

Thank you for a wonderful, fabulous day, Great bush beautiful waterfalls. Dede Mc Knight, U.S.A

An excellent easy walk, beautiful trees and lovely scenery all the way. I truly enjoyed my four days here. Two blue ducks, one stick insect, 57 wetas, one kiwi ( 98% identification probability) six banded kokutus (fish) - could not wish for better! Nadia Zviagina, Russia.


I was every minute in Heaven , it was my first trip to a rainforest so the trees were amazing. And then to finally have time to relax and watch raindrops. Thank you for the opportunity. Meggan Behiels, Canada

A very interesting and friendly day! Excellent Program! Anti stress! Nartina Wettstein , Switzerland.

Great experience. Nice taste Muffin and lunch. Yoshi Izumi, Australia

Really pleased we chose this tramping experience. Weather was perfect, tracks excellent, river cold but refreshing! Thanks Joyce Sixsmith and Siobhan O'Brien, England and Ireland

Fantastic. I liked the forest so much, it was interesting and exciting because it was my first time walking in a rainforest. I also enjoyed the lunch very much, the cherry juice was delicious. Connie Yeun and Siu Fun Li, Hong Kong

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